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Each one of us want to be fit, in order to do that, the first step is to understand your body type and the requirement of your own body. Each human was created differently; our job through this check-up is to understand that


Too thin? Overweight? Tired of being made fun of? Don’t worry! With our weight management programs we ensure that you form the desired figure and gain or lose weight as per the healthy standards


Fitness is not just about the workout, it is also about the nutrition supplement that the body requires, we as experts in the field of nutrition and fitness, equip you with the best answers for your nutrition requirement.


About  company

HEALTHY PINTO  is an online fitness & health training platform set up by certified Trainer and Nutritionist Shikhar Saxena. HEALTHY PINTO PRIVATE LIMITED is recognized by the Department For Promotion Of Industry And Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. We help people in transforming their body naturally through a sound workout and diet plan. Our Fitness training programs are built after a detailed research of an individual therefore you will get the desired result for sure. 

Healthy Pinto wants to encourage and inspire people to understand their inherent beauty of fitness and wellness, by adapting healthy practices in their day to day life. Today there are number of online fitness coaches and trainers accessible via web-based networking media like Youtube and Instagram. Most of them are self claimed fitness experts who are not even certified. They just use and build their body through anabolic steroids and start giving web based training to individuals. Fitness Training and Body Building is a science and it requires a lot of knowledge to create a viable exercise and diet plan. Following a training and diet plan of an unauthentic source may cost you less expensive yet it is really placing your wellbeing in to a hazard.


Recognized as a  Startup company

HEALTHY PINTO PRIVATE LIMITED is recognized by the Department For Promotion Of Industry And Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.

our  Founder

Shikhar Saxena


I started my career as a Fitness Trainer and a Nutrition Expert three years ago with an Instagram page Trainer_Nutritionist. I am now transforming people and helping them through my workout routines, diet plans. I can proudly say that I transformed almost 400+ Clients in the past 3 years.


Our Motive

We at HealthyPinto aim at helping our clients to improve their health and physique by right guidance and plans. One of our motives is to reduce the rising obesity graph and also helping skinny people in getting the right BMI. 


A study shows that Indians are far away from a healthy diet in general. With lots of carbohydrates and a lesser amount of protein people are far away from what we can call a healthy diet plan. So, our goal is that Indians learn more about a healthy diet and how to easily manage a healthy diet in their daily lives for a better and healthy living

Yes I liked your diet plans it simple and good Great results And about your consultation, you were available all the time From 69 to 72 I gained in almost 3 weeks since I had gained a lot before thought it would be impossible for me but then with your diet, I easily achieved what I want thanks for that brother

our client

Diet plan is good exercise planned works good and easy to follow used to eat a lot but following thus diet makes me full with limited quantity and i can see the change and also you are very much supportive Keep motivating others

our client

The instructions were explained in a very simple and understanding manner. The supplement guide was accurate and very helpful. The program is customized exactly how I needed as per my busy schedule. The overall interaction was friendly and simple to understand all the complex things related to weight gaining. A few things were explained in such a relatable way. The experience was great. Thank you for your guidance. Thank you.

our client
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