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Healthy Pinto is a startup in the field of health and fitness. Our sole motive is to make people fit without use of any fancy diets or any life threatening drugs. This includes both shredding excess fat from the body or gaining lean mass on the body to have an optimal BMI for a long term.

You can mail us over here or you can contact us on the numbers given in the contact us section.

We believe in providing the best facilities to our clients. We believe in efficient and result oriented methods for helping our clients. Rather than providing you with an artificial supplement rich fancy diet plans, we believe in simple and natural diet plans that will not have any side effects


We are strictly against any kind of life threatening drugs for any kind of transformations. 

Our programs are flexible and anyone can easily adapt to it. Lastly, we believe in you and your hard-work and would like to motivate you in order to achieve your fitness goals.

As soon as you enroll in any of the programs you will be given a questionnaire. After filling that up, one of our team members will arrange a video call consultation. After discussing everything, you will get a customized training plan and diet plan on your dashboard.

For monitoring a client’s progress there is a progress tracking segment in the client’s dashboard.

The client has to enter his weight updates daily and has to give body measurements on a weekly basis followed by few pictures as well.

The client can also schedule a video call with the trainer on a weekly basis.

These programs are designed by certified coaches who have years of experience in making diet plans and workout plans. They will never suggest anything which can harm your body in any aspect. Moreover, everything will be customized according to your preferences, goal and lifestyle.

Your personal information, including your pictures will stay ONLY with healthy pinto. Healthy pinto will not share the information with anyone without taking your prior permission on any social media platforms. You can read about how we use the information provided by you in our Privacy Policy.

We offer different plans according to your needs. Popular plans include: 4 week trial program, 8 week fitness program, 100 days transformation plan and 6 months transformation plan.

We offer discounts to students. There are couple and family plans  as well. The cost varies according to the facilities and duration.

You can check all the details and description of plans on our website. Every detail has been explained in the description part. For any queries you can contact us.

Also, we provide free goodies to each customer who enrolls in any of the plans.

On the purchase of any plan, we give you a free goodie.

You can choose any of the t-shirts and shakers from the shop section and it will be delivered to your address.

Frankly, there are various factors on which this depends. This includes your metabolism , consistency, food habits, medical conditions etc. At last, it depends on how committed you are towards your goal. However, we try our best to help you achieve your goals.

We provide the best suited workout plans and flexible customized diet plans which are fully backed up by science. However your results depend on how well you are following our instructions. We want you to be dedicated and consistent and let you experience how plans work magically on you. It solely depends on you so you can be the only one to guarantee your own success by following our plans.

After a successful enrollment and fulfillment of questionnaire , your Coach will connect with you within 48 hours through a pre-informed video call to guide you with each and every aspect according to your own requirements . Your Coach will make a customised diet and workout plan for you based on the information you provide and it will be uploaded on your profile. 

Thereafter, your Coach will be in touch with you constantly via emails, phone calls and messages. 

You can raise a request to schedule a video call on the website to clear  your doubts on a weekly basis.

You can communicate with your Coach as many times as you want over Whatsapp and SMS during working hours. However, as per the protocol, you can schedule a weekly call to discuss progress updates within the working hours of your Coach. You can also schedule an appointment from your profile and fix the time for the call.

When you login on the website, you will see a tab of my account. You can find all information about your plans over there.

There is a renewal tab on the dashboard. You can use the tab to renew your plans.

No, healthy pinto does not  provide any on the floor training or offline services  currently.

No, the only difference between them is the duration of monitoring support.

We have kept a variety of plans. This is for the convenience of our clients. It is up to our clients what plans they want to opt for. Clients can upgrade to any plan whenever they wish to.

If you are already having a running plan and you want to upgrade then you have to pay for the remaining amount of the upgraded plan but if your plan has expired already then you have to pay the whole price for upgrade.

Go to careers section and fill up the form , upload your documents, certificates and valid proofs (pictures) of your transformation too (optional)

If our recruitment team finds everything perfect then they will call you for video call interview, where you have to answer few sets of question and case

As long as you follow healthy eating principles shared by your Coach, you won’t regain the fat/ lose the muscles even after completion of the program. It’s easy  to maintain your weight through maintenance plans.

If you are suffering from a critical medical condition then please mail us your issue on . We will look forward to this and will inform you that can we help you or not.

Yes, we do provide a 7 day refund on your program (Conditions Applied)

You can raise the help desk ticket and we will help you to resolve your issue.If your issue  is not sorted within a week then you can get your refund done with minor deductions. We encourage you to read the terms and conditions on our website before enrolling.

No, we do not provide any monthly installments on our programs and products. You have to pay beforehand or as mentioned for any particular service or product.

Your trainer will contact you within 48 hours of enrollment. You will be having a full fledged video call consultation with your trainer and your conditions will be considered while making your plans.

All our Coaches have to go through a series of examinations and rigorous knowledge test interviews to be a Coach at Healthypinto. So you can relax and be rest assured that all our Coaches are equally qualified with the right knowledge to guide you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. The difference in pricing is based on the experience and the number of transformations done by the Coaches. You may choose a Coach which suits best for your budget and requirement.

The payment can be carried out through secure payment gateways. You can pay using your debit, credit cards, upi and wallets as well.

There are various tools to help you know about your body better. The tools include body fat calculator, water intake calculator etc. All you need is to fill up the details and you can check about your body in a better way.

You can leave a feedback about your trainer on the dashboard.

We, at Healthy pinto, do not support or promote any kind of fancy diet that you cannot afford on the long run.

Diet plan given is totally with respect to your economical conditions, lifestyle, preferences and will be very flexible to follow.

We believe that every individual is unique. This is because of their height, weight, age, medical history, genetic history is unique. So, we believe that every individual needs their own fitness plan according to their details. 

This is why we offer customized plans which are natural, affordable, flexible, and easily adaptable. We do not provide any consultation before talking to you properly about the details of your body. 

After we gather information about the client and with prior discussion with our client, we make a diet and workout plan that would be perfect for them. We favor natural ways to achieve your goals as well.

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