I know I shifted from my fitness blogs to this but this is something I want to convey to you all. It has helped me in making better and smart decisions. This is something which will also help you to make better decisions and those better decisions will bring a huge impact in your life trust me!

Personal Experience: I was in 6th standard, to the extent I remember and I was in school attending moral science class and the chapter was the same needs vs wants.

 I was seriously confused at that time whether they are synonyms or antonyms to each other. But the way my teacher taught me was a wonderful moment for me because I learned something in my school that I will ask my cousins and parents about this and will surely do pomp and show.

I went to my father and asked him what is the difference between needs and wants. He replied to me in an innocent way that he didn’t know and asked me to explain to him.

And in keeping my collar high I told him that need is something that is necessary for us like we cannot survive without that or something which is becoming a necessity for our growth and survival with each passing day. These needs keep on upgrading from time to time. It will not always be limited to the boundaries of food, clothes, and shelter.

And “wants” are something that is a bit luxury or not necessary for your growth and survival. If we will not buy that we can still enjoy our beautiful life.

My dad was very happy that at a  small age I learned something worthy of a kind of life lesson.

He gladly said to me you explained to me very well, now I want to reward you with something.

 So I asked him to please give me a Beyblade. I hope you remember that spinning top.

And the gestures of my father’s face were something like, ” He just learned everything theoretically and nothing he could actually apply in his own life”.

But finally, I learned that concept and started implementing it in my actual life. Like I never had a phone or any high-end mobiles, gadgets like anything which were wanted by me in order to make this a part of my ethics. 

I’m not saying that I look foolish and save money always but yes, I think twice and always think whether that product I am willing to buy is actually needed by me or wanted by me. 

It’s not that you will never buy something which is a need but make sure you are fulfilling all the needs before you go for a want. 

So, guys,  we need to make sure that we understand the right difference between  “Needs and wants”  !!

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