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Why Should You  Buy This Book??

Are you a Obese/Overweight guy who is tired of listening to everyone telling him to lose some weight?

Are you tired of trying every way to lose fat but there is hardly any result?

Are you willing to transform yourself into a lean guy but are lacking proper guidance? Is it hard for you to shred the fat?

If the answer to any one of the questions above is yes, then this book is absolutely for you…

E-Book Features

MCD Formula

4 Effective Workout Plans

Diet Plan with Multiple options

Supplements Info

Progress Tracker Sheets

Fitness Concepts

Grocery Shopping

Tips and Tricks

Things to Avoid

Myth Busting

Frequently asked questions

This book is specially written for endomorphs, obese guys (overweight) who want to shred some fat. Even though they put lots of effort, they still are not able to lose fat due to their slow metabolism, but if you follow all the protocols given in this book, then you can easily achieve a lean physique.

This book contains everything an obese guy needs in order to transform himself. This includes MCD formula, a well-defined workout plan, and a full diet plan with various meal options. Additional benefits include tips and tricks, fitness myth-busting, and progress tracking sheets

It will give you a clear road map on how to achieve your desired physique

Full road map from A to B where A is current physique and B is your desired physique. This book has a complete workout plan with different difficulty levels. There are meal plans that you can easily afford as well. If you follow the instructions thoroughly, you will surely get good results.

100%, if you follow everything as written in the book and you are not having any medical issues, gaining will be a piece of cake for you.

There are various factors on which your transformation depends. It depends upon genetics, age, and how dedicated you are. However, you will start seeing results soon if you follow everything religiously.

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