The power of consistent failures and efforts

My name is Shikhar Saxena and I am the founder of HealthyPinto and Trainer_Nutritionist. I have been working as a fitness trainer and a nutritionist since 2017. This is my story, my journey from a normal college student to a fitness entrepreneur.

Success without any struggle is not worth it. In order to get the taste of success, one must be ready to take chances and risks. 

You might be wondering why I chose to be a trainer. Well, I never opted to be one in the first place. Like many others, I also was an engineering student and was working for a giant IT MNC in India but I decided to quit. I wanted to do something else, something that I really liked doing.

My interest in fitness developed when I was a teenager. As a teen, I was quite skinny. I was often teased and bullied because of my physique. Gradually, I wanted to gain some muscles so I started going to the gym. The day I entered the gym I was introduced to a whole new world. New people, trainers. They all told me how to gain weight. The strange thing was that everybody had their own concept and beliefs. Some of them gave genuine advice while few tried forcing me to take performance-enhancing drugs. I kept hoping for advice from others without checking their credibility. This way I wasted a year and half-listening to others. But after this, I got enough experience from my failures. I started researching a lot, I was easily able to make choices between what was good or bad for me based on my past experiences.

Finally, I made a decision that now I will transform myself through the knowledge I already gained and was constantly learning. I learned a lot from fitness videos, articles, books, and people. 

After implementing what I learned, I started seeing results on my body. My weight and strength started increasing. I was able to lift heavier weights. I very well remember that I won an arm wrestling game against a guy whom I used to admire.

Now, After gaining lots of knowledge and transforming myself, I was confident enough to share what I learned with others.

So, back in 2017, I started an Instagram page regarding fitness, diet, and health named Trainer_Nutritionist. Gradually, I decided to guide others to achieve their fitness goals through my page. My sole motive behind this page was very simple: “I did not want others to waste their time facing the same things I have faced. They might not even be able to differentiate between a good advisor and a drug-seller. They might end up becoming a victim of performance-enhancing drugs.” 

What started as a casual activity turned out into my passion.

I kept on guiding people and earned a lot of respect amongst my clients and customers through my services and products. I was satisfied because it was a big deal that a guy who was not able to make his own physique was getting a lot of love and respect from people just for his knowledge and transformation results. I was happily living my dream life but it’s important to get a reality check.

Belonging to a middle-class family, my family wanted me to get a decent 9 to 5 job. A Government job would have been even better. I was in pressure to quit my Consultancy and get a job.

And the day came, I got selected in one of the IT MNCs. This way I left the entrepreneur inside me alone with his achievements.

It took around a few months to convince myself and my family that this is not something I was born for, that salary never brings me happiness. It felt like I was getting a bribe to forget my dreams and past.

Being from a middle-class family, doing something out of my league was challenging. I had to convince my parents to trust me with this. It was a risky decision to make. I was keeping my whole career at stake. 

And finally, I Quit.

Quitting my job was not an easy thing to do. My hands were shivering while packing up my bags. The journey from office campus to home was far enough but for me, it was light-years away because there were so many things I was thinking about.

The path from now on was very difficult. I started researching more about my work and got a professional certification in fitness and nutrition. I have been constantly working from the past three years (since my college days till today) and I can proudly say that I have transformed hundreds of people. I am glad that I was able to motivate so many people so that they can stay healthy.

Each day I try giving my 100 percent because I know that this is what I opted for and I need to prove myself so that I can face everyone that yes I was right with my decision.

I started expanding my business, bringing a bit of technology and optimization and I was getting much better responses and clients around the globe. Getting positive feedback from every single person made me satisfied and confident. The feedback motivates me to work harder every day.

I have a long way to go but I can proudly say that I have earned everything with zero investments. I invested the money that I earned from my consultations and I can proudly say that I am a self-made man. In my opinion, taking risks was the most important part of my whole journey. If I had not taken the risk, I would have been regretting it right now. However, consistent hard work is also needed to make the chance you have taken worth it. 

As the saying goes, without struggle success has no value so from now on I will be working even harder so that I could guide many more people. That would be my true success, that would be worth it……

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