Let’s assume that you just have decided that you will add some discipline in your life.

You will wake up early in the morning at or around 6 am and do some workout and will eat something healthy also.


Example: Now, at night you are fully charged with the motivation that you can do this and you keep your phone aside and you go to sleep keeping the Alarm starting beep at 5:30 am.


Procrastination: Now after a sound sleep as soon as the alarm beeps you try to wake up but somehow you find some excuses and snooze your alarm and sleep again.

And so now you are again back to square one.


 Just think why this happens?

Let’s know  why exactly this happens:


Our mind is a storehouse of past events and experiences, and it doesn’t have any record of the future.


Now whenever you are scheduling to do something your mind recalls the past experiences and events that you have tried or done earlier and you went wrong every time, do not try this again because the mind always tries to stop you from humiliation and disappointment.

So it gives back you a number of excuses to curb or postpone an event or quit the idea you had. 

Now let’s know the remedy for this to prevent ourselves from it. 


There’s a very simple trick.

Our mind has only the past data of our failures and disappointments, now let’s create an image of the future that it will be so strong to overcome from that past event.

We will start imagining what will be our life if we start doing this. Just close your eyes and imagine all this. 

Let’s imagine: We are waking up early and we get appreciation from our respective  families,

We are working out and which results in giving us a better look, and also makes us active and confident.

Eating healthy means no junk food appreciation from friends.

Now imagine all the benefits :

Benefits :

  • Better productivity appreciation from your boss or seniors. 
  • Better time management
  • No time for non-worthy stuff
  • Getting noticed standing out of the crowd.
  • Having a great attraction to the opposite gender. 
  • Better fitting of clothes 

If we will imagine all this strongly then we will create a future record also in our mind.

So next time when we will try to wake up in the morning our mind will be recalling all this data because it is more fresh and new.

And if we start doing this consistently for 30 days then it will not be tough for us to wake up. 

And this will be how we will learn how to not procrastinate things or tasks. 

Hope so guys, you all understood it well!! 

All you need to see the future and convert it into reality!

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